How it Works


  • Select a dress and add it to cart
  • Pay the rent to book it for your event
  • Submit refundable security fee before pick up/ delivery
  • Rock the dress
  • Return it and get the security fee back


  • Fill in the form on this page
  • Our team will contact you with commission details
  • Sit back and relax while your dress makes money for you

Renter FAQs

How can I see and try on the dresses?

Contact us for studio visit appointment.

How much is the security fee of each dress?

It varies with each dress.

What is the security fee? Is it refundable?

Security fee is the fee to handle any damages occurred to the dress. This fee is 100% refundable if the dress is returned in the same condition as it was rented. In case of damages, partial refund is issued.

How much is partial refund?

It depends on the damage occurred to the dress. The amount corresponding to the damage is deducted and the rest is returned to you.

Do I have to dry-clean the dress?

You’ll get ready-to-wear dress. We handle dry-cleaning and maintenance so that you can enjoy your event hassle-free.

Can I alter the dress to my fit?

No, we do not allow any alterations on your end. If you need any changes, let us know and we’ll do them for you.

When can I pay the rent?

You have to pay the rent upfront to book your dress. Pay the security fee before delivery/pickup.

When do you return the security fee?

We will send it back to you within 5 business days.

Lender FAQs

Will you list all the dresses that I enter in the form?

Our team will check the entries and decide whether to keep the dresses or not.

How do you decide which dresses to list?

It depends on dress condition and current fashion trends.

How do you decide the rent of a dress?

It depends on current fashion trends and condition of the dress.

How much will be my commission?

It depends on dresses’ rent/selling price. We will share these details once you list your dress with us.

What if my dress gets damaged during renting?

We take security fee from renters for such cases. In case of major damage, where the dress can no longer be rented out, we will try to compensate your loss from that security fee.

What if I want to get my dress back?

You need to give a 3-month notice in case you want your dress back. This will ensure that your dress does not get booked after that time.

Do I have to send the dress to you?

Yes. People want to see and try on dresses before making a decision. So it is important that we have your dress for the customers to see.

For how long will you keep my dress?

We will keep the dress for 6 months and then return it to you.

Do you buy clothes?

We do not buy clothes. However, you can list them on our website and we will inform you when we have a potential customer for your dress.

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